Plantiga is a clinical-grade wearable sensor insole and analytics platform on a mission to empower both practitioners and individuals with objective health data.

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Used by practitioners to:







Plantiga Illustration

Manage your own Movement Health

Plantiga makes it easy to take your movement health into your own hands. From crushing performance goals to self-guided rehab to simply being more mindful of the way you move, Plantiga can help get you there.

We fully train you to capture your own data from walks, runs and plyometrics. You get exclusive access to our sport scientists to guide you in understanding your results and give you personalized recommendations.

Get access to the beta program, launching Spring 2021.

Measure the things that matter at the point of care. The mobile platform is easily set up in any environment.

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You can’t change what you don’t measure. Objective data engages individuals in managing their own health.

Serious ROI

– Improve compliance with more visits per patient
– Differentiate your clinic with engaging services
– Offer remote monitoring and real-world testing            – Retain patients through improved outcomes
– Increase screening and treatment billability with quantifiable efficacy

– Streamline charting with stand-alone reports
– Increase clinic efficiency via digital records
– Broaden clinical capabilities and attract new clients depending on patient support needs
– Better understand treatment timing over program progression

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